Graduate program

Graduate program

The Ph.D. degree is granted after successful completion of 18 credits of course work, qualifying examination and dissertation. The program generally takes four to seven years to complete.

Ph. D.

Human Physiology(6), Seminar(4),Dissertation(0), Experimental Physiology(2), Cellular Neurophysiology(2), Physiology of Cardiovascular Disease(2), Hemodynamics(2), Selected Readings in Circulation Physiology(2), Molecular Physiology(2), Synaptic Physiology(2), Endocrinology and Metabolism(2), Molecular Endocrinology(2), Advanced Gastrointestinal Mucosal Immunophysiology(2), German for Reading Knowledge of Biomedicine(2), Neurodegeneration Seminar(2), Advance and Perspective in the Research of Kidney, Dialysis, and Hypertention(2), Introduction to Instrumental Analysis(2), Molecular Biology(4), Medical Research and Publication(1), Ethics and Skill of Scientific Writing(1), Cell Biology(3), Signal Transduction in Diseases(2), Proteomics in Medical Application(2), Introduction to Bioinformation(1).


A scheduled seminar is held once a week, in which all the faculty and graduate students are required to participate. Sometimes, lectures given by internationally renowned scholars are arranged.


ID Course Credits Required/Elective Language
441 D0010 Dissertation 0 Required Chinese/English
441 D0030 Seminar 1 Required Chinese/English
441 D2300 Human Physiology 6 Required Chinese
441 D1100 Experimental Physiology 3 Elective Chinese
441 M4000 Seminar on Kidney, Dialysis and Hypertension 2 Elective Chinese
441 M3800 Advance and Perspective in the Research of Kidney, Dialysis, and Hypertention 2 Elective Chinese
441 M3400 Genomic Study Sseminar 2 Elective Chinese
441 M3900 Neurodegeneration Seminar 2 Elective Chinese
441 EM2800 Advanced Gastrointestinal Physiology 2 Elective English
441 M2600 Gastrointestinal Mucosal Immunophysiology 2 Elective English
441 M2500 Molecular Endocrinology 2 Elective Chinese
441 M2400 Endocrinology and Metabolism 2 Elective Chinese
441 M1810 Synaptic Physiology 2 Elective Chinese
441 M2900 Physiology of Cardiovascular Disease 2 Elective Chinese
441 M3500 Selected Readings in Circulation Physiology 2 Elective Chinese
441 M2700 Hemodynamics 2 Elective Chinese
441 M1280 Cellular Neurophysiology 2 Elective Chinese
441 M1240 German for Reading Knowledge of Biomedicine 2 Elective German
441 U1400 Molecular Physiology 2 Elective Chinese
420 U0200 Introduction to Instrumental Analysis 2 Elective Chinese
420 U4900 Molecular Biology 3 Elective Chinese
420 U4800 Molecular Biology and Techiques 4 Elective Chinese
420 U0400 Medical Research and Publication 1 Elective Chinese
420 U4300 Ethics and Skill of Scientific Writing 1 Elective Chinese
420 U2100 Cell Biology 3 Elective Chinese
420 U4400 Signal Transduction in Diseases 2 Elective Chinese
420 U1610 Proteomics in Medical Application 2 Elective Chinese
420 U3710 Introduction to Bioinformatics 1 Elective Chinese