Faculty and staff

Prof. Chih-Chiang Chan

Chih-Chiang ChanProf.
  • Chih-Chiang Chan

  • Title(s):Prof.
  • Education:PhD, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA
  • Expertise:Neuronal cell biology, Neurogenetics
  • Phone:(02)23123456 ext 288240
  • E-mail:chancc1@ntu.edu.tw

The Chan Neurogenetics Laboratory

Research Interest 

Our lab studies the cell biology of the neuron. Using the fruit flies Drosophila as a test tube, we focus on 2 major areas: one is to investigate the function of the intracellular membrane trafficking machinery and sphingolipid-modifying enzymes in the brain, and the other is to model neurodegenerative diseases (PD, CMT, SCA, etc) when a new disease variant is identified from patients.


Principal Investigator

Chih-Chiang Chan, PhD

emailmail: chancc1@ntu.edu.tw



Dr. Lie Zheng

Graduate Students:

Fei-Yang Tzou (PhD Program)

Jui-Yu Yeh (PhD Program)

Jeng-Lin Li (PhD Program)

Wan-Syuan Lin (PhD Program)

Kai-Hung Chen (Master's Program)

Yu-Jung Tsao (Master's Program)

Yu-Chi Tsai (Master's Program)

Research Assistants:

Cheng-Li Hong, MS

Chia-Heng Hsu, BS


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  • Wan-Syuan Lin (PhD student)

Scholarship for Diligence Doctoral Students (勤學博士生獎學金), 2023

  • Jui-Yu Yeh (PhD student) 

Scholarship for Cultivating Outstanding Graduate Students (科技部補助大專院校培育優秀博士生獎學金), 2022

2nd Place, Poster Presentation Contest, 35th Joint Annual Conference of Biomedical Science (JACBS) (第35屆生醫年會壁報論文競賽第二名), 2021

  • Cheng-Li Hong (Master Degree)

Oral Presentation Reward, 1st Mini-symposium on Membrane Trafficking and Remodeling (第1屆細胞膜運輸與重塑研討會 口頭報告優秀獎), 2022

  • Fei-Yang Tzou (PhD student)

Young Investigator Award for Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Science (中華民國兒童神經精神科學 勵翔獎), 2022

Honor Prize (博士班優等獎), Research Award for Outstanding Works, National Taiwan University College of Medicine (臺大醫學院研究生優秀著作獎 - 優等獎), 2021

1st Place, Oral Presentation Contest, 35th Joint Annual Conference of Biomedical Science (JACBS) (第35屆生醫年會口頭論文競賽第一名), 2021

Scholarship for Cultivating Outstanding Graduate Students (科技部補助大專院校培育優秀博士生獎學金), 2020

  • Yu-Chien Hung (PhD student)

Honor Prize (博士班優等獎), Research Award for Outstanding Works, National Taiwan University College of Medicine (臺大醫學院研究生優秀著作獎 - 優等獎), 2021

Scholarship for Outstanding Performance, National Taiwan University (台灣大學學生傑出表現獎學金), 2021

  • Wen-Yu Lien (PhD student)

Honor Prize (博士班優等獎), Research Award for Outstanding Works, National Taiwan University College of Medicine (臺大醫學院研究生優秀著作獎 - 優等獎), 2020

Scholarship for Outstanding Performance, National Taiwan University (台灣大學學生傑出表現獎學金), 2020

Macau Scholar for Graduate Students (澳門獎學金), 2015

  • Chung-Chih Liu

Outstanding Prize (碩士班傑出獎), Research Award for Outstanding Works, National Taiwan University College of Medicine (臺大醫學院研究生優秀著作獎), 2018

  • Wei-Hung Jung

Poster Award, 2nd Asia-Pacific Drosophila Research Conference, Korea, 2013